Data Recovery

From the hard drive

From memory sticks

From overwritten data..

..and good, easy-to-use back-up solutions

  • If you have lost data, we are the right people for you:
    Whether it is saved on a CD, a hard drive, on a memory stick or in any other form, it doesn’t matter – we know it all like the back of our hand. Even if data should be carelessly deleted – as is often the case that almost all of it can be recovered.

    Data destroying: We also do the opposite: Do you have sensitive data and want to know that it is gone for good? …Exactly. We can destroy your old data carriers so that you can be sure that no one will rediscover or reproduce it after they have been disposed of.
  • The last time you use your PC/Mac/Laptop it took twice as long to start up, and it made such funny noises… This is normally the beginning of the end. Turn it off. Straight away. Then call us. Do not attempt to complete any more tasks on it – certain (dying) hard drives allow for only a couple of access routes – before the cost would be really high.

  • How often do you back-up your data? We recommend that you do a back-up when you have made noticeable changes to your data. We also recommend that you do not do “net back-ups” at Google or elsewhere. Think about it, do you trust these people as colleagues?
    We enjoy finding for you an easy solution – so that even the backup of your data needs only the minimum of your attention and your precious time.

  • When did you last check your back-up?
    Have you tried to read your back-up again? Maybe the data carrier has already had defects for a long time. Or it copied something unimportant. Check your back-up!

  • Do you re-overwrite your back-up CD’s weekly?
    We think CD’s and DVD’s for a back-up solution are not great. They are sensitive to light and scratching. If you should use them anyway, use the blanks only once; then archive them, bring them to the bank, into the safe, and back home… then they are protected not only against being lost from your hard drive – you can also still recreate the data in the case of fire damage.
    By the way: it makes sense to use the advertising covers in the CD packages – they will serve as protection from light.

  • We will gladly set up for your business an easy-to-use, appropriate, reliable back-up solution.