After-sales support


  • Sales:
    We will be happy to advise you personally before you make a purchase.
    We place an emphasis on obtaining a solution that will work for you long-term. Note that there as an important point to consider here: the behaviour of the device supplier (consider what you will end up going through with them), Be wary of the fine print it is often a problem in connection with low-price offers.
    According to your wishes, you can have a wide range of hardware at your disposal, all of which has already been tried and tested for many years. And delivered to you by Swiss delivery people in co-operation with German-speaking staff.
    With all the bottlenecks, its worth its weight in gold… should these devices need to be repaired, they will not be sent to Ireland, with the Irishman not being able to understand the German error description – and with there being a time limit per customer of 15-minutes – the commitment to you is not so big.
    Waiting time: There is nothing under four weeks
    Contact: Non – especially for temporary mistakes where it would be much more helpful to have contact.
    Our devices, delivered by Swiss delivery people – this is all the complete opposite in an emergency situation within a period of 2 hours with the developer in the work station – and, on the same day you have your device working once again (this service is not free of charge – but it is a great opportunity!).

  • After-sales support:
    Naturally we sell you everything you need. But that’s just the beginning. The tricky questions often appear only after the purchase. But even then, we are available – and we will assume responsibility for the entire integration process – the ready-applicable installation process incl. instructions – picture instructions are available on request.

  • Repairs: We repair your hardware, your printer and your server wherever technically possible – even when there is officially no more replacement parts – with our education and training, and our resources, we will even work Saturday nights without prior notice i.e. when there is no outside support available.

    Much of it is all down to the smallest components, capable of bringing an entire system down – as you may already be aware – and a repair can be worth it.

    Naturally we also repair your newer hardware – regardless of whether it is still under guarantee or not – and regardless of who manufactured the product.

    As a result of 25 years in the business, we benefit from a very broad network.