Customer Service

We see ourselves as general contractors, there for our customers.

Our clients are SME’s, local authorities, private clients, NGO’s, foundations, banks, lawyers and doctors, insurance outfits, administrative bodies, church communities as well as all kinds of organisations, and then some.

We will support you in all your requests in connection with computers.

As far as emergency situations are concerned, last year we were, on average, less than 
20min from the point of call!


  • Data recovering – professional data recovering from a defective hard drives, and re-create data erased by viruses.


  • Sell devices, program devices, use devices in the workplace and instruct others in the use of devices (Servers, Backup systems, cameras for close-up and distance surveillance)

  • Training, personal and easy to learn (Vera Birkenbihl would talk of “brain training”) – for all ages (6 years to 95 years). Normally on your own PC – in your own environment – with your own peripheral devices – in your own time and in your own language.

  • Even if it is an unusual problem, we will still find a solution – or a way to repair it – it pays to ask questions! This also applies to systems that are old and /or unusual – those for which there is no longer any officially designated support group.