Software for Businesses

– Search and accessing

– Monitoring (watchmax)

– Housing Estate Agents

KVL: the demands were to make all ISO 9000 und 14000 documentation accessible online.

Quick and easy. People think differently. And we wanted to consider this: some worked more quickly with a keyboard, while others felt more comfortable using the mouse.
And some know good search terms while others though in hierarchies – and many documents get transferred in different hierarchies.

– E.g. a years-old hierarchy, one for orders, one for departments. And everyone should be able to find the documents easily – this we have accomplished.

Distance controlling: We were already pioneers: Because there was still hardly any camera recording software available, we would construct and develop a solution – on Windows 2000, which was relatively unstable back then.

Picture recording and very rapid searching of those pictures recorded. In order to increase availability we would appropriate a watchdog – we would develop it ourselves, considering the lack of availability in the market. In this the watchdog is a description card, which notes when the computer crashes and then restarts it – there was a solution available which could be run indefinitely and with no waiting period, without the need for intervention from outside.

Network development / A solution for a Housing Estate Agent:

For our “Stieger-Bauten” clients there is the question of how currently new objects

can be located on the Internet, in an easy and appealing manner. The question was basically “make or buy”, with a focus on easy service and favourable situations for further development.
We will agree to modify a shopping solution in such a way that it makes handling the objects childs’ play and makes the presentation matter easy while it at the same time benefits from the continued development of shopping software – and it all carries very few costs with regard to manual changes. As far as the clients are concerned, it was never apparent that the whole thing arose from the basis of shopping software ;-).