Software for Collective Enterprises

– for businesses, unions, private firms: administrative Bodies, incl. accounts, reminders, information, birthday reminders, mass email campaigns, etc.

– For local councils: With the main focus on micro-synergies*.

*Microsynergies: “Can you help me?”. We have done away with that altogether in our culture. The replacement systems that we have put in place (AHV, IV, Health Insurance, etc.) – reduce the responsibility of the individual, and they all make mistakes. As a result, the product of micro-synergies lies in our hearts.
By re-introducing these social systems into our immediate environment the responsibility levels have automatically climbed and the costs have gone down in equal measure.

Interestingly, only a couple of countries have abolished this idea.










  • Databases normally play a part when:
    • A business grows – initially with an individual second person, then with several – as long as the direct knowledge or the direct communication is no longer automatically guaranteed.
    • The mass of data becomes bigger – big enough that the storage data facilities usually used cease to be helpful.
    • Excel is not suited to the job – Excel tables can definitely be helpful up to a certain level, but after that they cause more problems than they solve.

  • Examples of use:
    • RCS Retriever Club solution: The Retriever Club faced a particular challenge: It wanted the capacity for events management, wages calculations, reminders, the input of figures and donations, the management of client data and much more in a single, manageable package, which could be used by several people at once. We have not only been able to solve these problems, but to solve them so well that they become child’s play to secretarial colleagues expected to use the software.

    • GEP Solution (Former ETHZ union) the GEP had a very similar list of demands, albeit with guidelines that would also make the software compatible with Mac. In addition, there was already a basic software system available – and we built on it, by re-working, completing and adapting the layout.

    • For local communities: it is our belief that the biggest source of wealth and performance lies with he consequent use of microsynergies. We worked these solutions in a management system.