Software for Specific Devices

More and more devices can be used with different devices – computers, mobile telephones and complex distance control systems.
We don’t just work the software; we also use the device itself for external controls.

The standard here is: Simplicity. A solution is good if the device could be used by a stressed grandmother.

It may sound like a brash claim but the reasons are credible:

  1. Another generation
  2. Another gender – most programmers are men.
  3. Operation under stress and time pressure has never been tested practically.

Coding modems: For the big Swiss security company system we have written the security software for the coding modem.

Swiss voice Eurit – Software for the PC-Dialer III (the security software is no longer available with Vista 64 – so we programmed one that would function with Vista 64. (for the Rubin, Eurit, Classic, and Cordless devices) – all of these are available through us – give us a call.