• For employees

  • For individuals

  • Especially for people who have almost given up.
  • For employees: David Schlaepfer has intensely gone into detail on the topics of learning and knowledge. He likes to apply this knowledge practically: for example, when it comes to teaching new things, make it fun, creative and easy, so the new opportunities begin to pay off.


  • Individual persons: When it comes to teaching an individual person about computer and software on a very tight schedule, it is important to be as time and cost efficient as possible. They should become comfortable with their own PC with enough time for them to have their questions answered.

    With training, it is of foremost importance that your questions in your field of choice are answered thoroughly, this makes you more independent. In this we speak your language, as simply as possible, and if it helps, we will create for you a guide with colour pictures, markings and processes – things that you yourself will test in the end.

    Shall we use the test as an example? 
    If there should be a female representative between the ages of  60 and 80 years old, who has still never worked with computers, she will soon get the hang of it (even if she has no idea what she is doing to start with, she will manage it, and it will function; we estimate that it will take 1.5 hours!!).