Computers in the year 2019

I remember buying my first computer (C64 with Floppy 1541), at age 14. The diskette drive was at least twice as hard to operate as a modern day laptop, and the diskettes were half the size of a sheet of A4 (5.25″). Email and Internet were not yet available. We had to type out our own programs from computer magazines – and they often took hours to create – but today you can download them in the space of 1 to 2 seconds. Back then for us it was very hard to estimate what the role of computers in everyday life would be in 10, 20 years – but it is comprehensible to us now, when we watch films of that time – the visions of the future were mostly quite unrealistic (excluding, of course, the spaceship enterprise).

I think that we are still at the early stages of development – and as such I have made a point of visiting people to ask them how they envision computers in 10 years. The result of what I have heard is what you will find here – its a lot of fun, enjoy.